Top Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

If you get out and about enough, it is very likely that you have winced more than once in a week because you saw walking and talking fashion disasters around you. Women make fashion mistakes in such alarming numbers that it is, sometimes, a surprise that the fashion world is still thriving. However, the situation comes into perspective if you only analyze the fact that fashion mistakes are more often a result of negligence and absentmindedness rather than lack of knowledge. Even so, you should be careful of making mistakes resulting from complacency because these can quickly turn into habit. In order to keep this from happening, all you need to do is periodically go through the most common fashion mistakes to remind yourself of them. Resultantly, the following is a list of the same for your convenience.

1. Accessories overload:

This is very much a teenage fashion mistake. Teenagers have often been noticed to really cherish their accessories which results in them wearing too many of them. Up until you are a teenager, this can be considered to be cool or cute but when you are a fully grown adult woman then you need to avoid it. If you load yourself too much then it would take away from the subtlety of your look while also destroying the balance.

2. Too much make up:

This is another very common mistake. If you have ever seen a woman that has too much make up on her then you know how hideous a person can look with too much face paint. In fact, even if you are a natural beauty, you can totally negate it by putting on too much make up. Furthermore, some looks do not even warrant minimal make up and if you cover your face with different things then you risk looking quite unappealing.

3. Color clash:

Many times, in their quest to be different or bold, women tend to try contrasting colors too much. This can, needless to say, lead to not merely a fashion mistake but a fashion disaster. You should know that although certain contrasting colors look good together, too much experimentation can lead you to the fashion jail. Wearing a balance of colors along with keeping the contrast moderate can help you look good. For example, too much use of black and white contrast will not look good. Similarly, strange combinations like pink and yellow will not look good either. Moderation is the key here.

4. Style mismatch:

Just like a color mismatch can make you look dull instead of bold, so can style clashes. A prime example of this would be a woman who tries to combine traditional dressing with animal prints. You cannot wear something like an evening gown in animal print because it just does not look good and will never look good. Therefore, be careful of what you are combining and keep your traditional wear and modern outfits apart.

Fashion mistakes can happen to anyone and their prevention primarily depends on you developing a solid sense of what looks good and what does not.

Combining Technology and Style – 8 Top Fashion Apps For Your iPhone

Here are some great fashion apps for your iPhone.

1. Trendstop TrendTracker. This app allows you to follow trend reports, uncover news feeds from the fashion industry and view photo galleries from fashion events all over the world. Free.

2. The Fashion Handbook. This one is all about current trends, styles, tips/tricks and more. Good app for fashionistas looking for the next big thing or the average woman looking for style tips. Cost: $9.99.

3. Seventeen Fashion Finder. This app gives you access to the pages of Seventeen Magazine. Perfect for the teen seeking the most current fashion jewelry and clothing, this app is a must-have! Free.

4. Bra-Fitter. This is useful when it comes to sizing yourself correctly. A majority of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra for various reasons – from feeling uncomfortable having a store worker size them to just not having the time. Cost: $1.99.

5. Closest Friend. A unique application, the Closest Friend allows you to archive pictures of what you wore for certain special events. If you have ever found yourself asking, “What fashion jewelry was I wearing at the wedding?” or “Which of my belts did I have on for that corporate meeting last month?” Cost: $0.99.

6. Tattoo Patterns. If you are looking for stylish body art but fail to think up the perfect pattern, this app can supply you with 128 different designer-quality ideas. Now your tattoos and wallets can match! Cost: $1.99.

7. Teen Vogue Haute Spot. This app gives you the ability to sneak a peek into the closet of an editor of Teen Vogue! The cost of this all-access pass is free for now, but may soon come with a charge.
ping companion. Browse interesting articles on clothing, fashion jewelry, and more. Free.
8. Social Mall. This app is the perfect shop

Top Fashion Accessories That Should Find Place in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

There are days when you get late for office and no matter what dress you wear, everything looks incomplete or mismatched. Sometimes, you just prefer a neutral look to office, but nothing actually works in your favor. Besides, there are those occasions when you don’t have time to start all over again. This is exactly where the role of fashion accessories comes in. Just one step and you can turn your look from dull to diva.

Grab an oversized handbag, don a bracelet or tie a scarf around your waist – proper usage of accessories can change your overall look and personality. Although there’s a range of accessories available around, you can’t wear all of them and look like a cartoon. So, here are a few top accessories that transform your uninspired looks or take your style quotient a step higher. You’ll not only love these pieces, but also feel comfortable wearing them – the ones you would always need around during times of urgency.

That one statement piece

Today, people use the word “statement” too often, but there are some specific reasons behind this. Statement jewelry pieces speak for themselves. They ooze loads of confidence, boldness and sense-of-style, without going over the top. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace or a big cocktail ring, a statement piece forms the center of attraction. It speaks so much about itself; you don’t put tons of labor into the rest of your look. So, choose the right statement piece and look absolutely stunning.

The oversized handbag

While style is something debatably necessary, this accessory is indisputably so. Have a cell phone and a tablet? Do you need a big handbag? Why not choose something that’s attractive as well as useful? Well, it’s not always the leather bag that you carry to office? A bold, oversized bag usually makes a true accessory. It completes your external look and boosts your personality. Whether you go for the beaded style or a big vintage-style frame handbag, an oversized accessory as this hardly goes wrong.

The magic of scarves

Scarves can do wonders for your otherwise boring attires. Whether it’s a short dress or a long jumpsuit, tying a scarf around your waist or neck can give your look a complete makeover.

Amazing silk scarves with bold prints never go out-of-style. When styled in the right way, they work as the centerpiece of an otherwise boring costume. Other than silk, you may also opt for cotton, linen, rayon or wool. No matter what material you choose, you have the privilege to choose from a range of prints – animal, floral, tribal, stripes and geometric.

Summary: No matter how expensive your dress, choosing the wrong accessories can spoil your look. The trick lies in wearing a subtle yet striking look. So, you must choose the right fashion accessories.

Top Fashion Tips This Summer

As summer draws ever closer, fashion styles continue to change on the High Street as various brands and organisations adapt, making it very difficult for fashion conscious males to stay in touch with the latest look they are after. The world of fashion is constantly on the change, as brand after brand release innovative new product ranges to compete in the tough current climate. Here are some tips for this Summer.

TOMS footwear

Looking set to impress for the second year running. A very expansive product range means there will be a particular style to fit everyone’s individual tastes. Appealing to be worn with any outfit, TOMS shoes look set to further gain popularity this year. A cheap retail price attracts many customers and is a huge contributor as to why they fly off the rails of the High Street. Their very inspirational promotion campaign has helped Toms gain the ethical status it has today. The ‘one for one’ campaign means the brand will match every pair of shoes sold with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. This campaign on its own is enough to entice customers into purchasing from the brand, as they are aware of the beneficial aspects that Toms do behind the scenes.


Ever since chinos took the men’s fashion industry by storm last summer, they have only moved in one direction and that is upwards. Various brands including G-Star and Diesel have attempted to combat this by releasing their very own product range of chinos to prevent them taking a massive hold in the current market. This summer it looks like chinos will be the thing to have once again, with various styles and colours adding to an already expansive product range.


Seemingly always renowned as a good seller on the High Street, it looks as though stripes are going to be the must have this season. Suited to be worn either on its own or with an open buttoned shirt, stripes will kick off that look this season, giving customers the impression of a smarter, more original look this summer. One of the brands releasing garments with the inclusion of stripes in their product range is Fred Perry, giving the impression that as a brand they keep very much up to date with any changes on the High Street.

What does the future hold for the world of fashion? Changes in designer clothing are never going to end, as brands look to keep up to date with the latest looks on the High Street, providing customers with top end designer clothing for years to come.

Daniel Mazurek (Marketing Manager) – Bridge55 [] offer a wide range of Men’s clothing including brands such as G-Star, Voi, Jack and Jones and many others. Bridge55 is a bricks and mortar retailer and also an online retailer. Having been trading for almost 10 years, Bridge55 have an established yet growing loyal customer base that stretches to all corners of the globe. Bridge55 are at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and aspire to become the market leaders of the future.

Promote Your Own Clothing Brand – Top Fashion Networking Sites

Fashion marketing is undergoing a quiet revolution at the moment. Traditionally new fashion designers have had to compete with the major corporate labels through magazine advertising, direct mail, events promotions and if the budget is there, television ad campaigns. The Internet has for a long time been a useful tool for introducing sales leads to your clothing range, but until recently, budget dictated your site’s popularity on the net.

Things are rapidly changing, and it is almost all due to the Social Networking phenomenon. You will have no doubt heard of Facebook and MySpace, however over the past couple of years there has been a distinct increase in social community sites that have geared themselves towards the consumer lifestyle market, and in particularly fashion. Many of these online communities run on a democratic principle. Ideally, if enough people vote or bookmark a particular product, say a t-shirt for example, the product and designer’s popularity increases. Within a relatively short time. Using tools such as bookmark sharing and recommendations, a relatively unknown designer can attract an enormous amount of positive publicity.

I have researched and collated a list of the most popular and useful fashion social networks for you to browse at your own leisure. You will find there is a wide variety and scope offered by these fashion-related communities. The larger and more established sites are great for breaking new products in to the fashion consumer market, others will provide invaluable assistance from fellow designers, retailers and manufacturers. Most of whom I am sure will be more than willing to guide you through the next stages of your burgeoning fashion career. is dedicated to fashion, this social fashion community offering a news, photo and video service for upcoming and established designers, labels, models and more. Very friendly and welcoming community, mainly professionals in all fields of fashion. is an online style portal for people who love and/or work in fashion, design and retail. You can connect with fellow style addicts and share all of your new design discoveries and latest finds together. A trend-setters social-networking club, part pop-culture lab, is one big ensemble cast of trend-setters creating, discovering and buying the next big thing! is a social shopping network where people discover, recommend and share products. Kaboodle’s excellent range of shopping widgets mean you can begin organizing all your favorite items in shared lists, discovering new things from people with similar style. Easy to find the best prices and discounts on the most popular products. This site offers fashion products amongst many others including gadgets, soft furnishings, art and more. focuses its online and social-shopping community more towards the next big trends. Your popular votes count, everyone recommends their favorite up and coming products for others to discover and purchase online. This global community is in the pursuit of cross-cultural shopping habits for the year to come. This site is laden with more branded advertising and e-commerce solutions making it a more attractive media platform for corporate marketing. The system encompasses each product in a process of discovery, consideration, trial and purchase. Fashion is a big favorite here. is a personal shopping engine that uses a unique matchmaking system to offer daily personal recommendations, just for you. It’s a great way to find new clothes, shoes, in fact anything stylish and keep track of what you’re shopping for online, using visual their bookmark options. Great widgets for incorporating your style-feeds in to your personal blogs or commercial sites. I regularly use this site to promote my own fashion — a great resource for designers. is a new fashion community for all trends-setters, shoppers and designers, (currently in beta). If you read articles New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, you will probably recognize the co-founder’s name – fashion have appeared in The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, fashion journalist Melissa Ceria. The format is easy to use and on the eye: upload photos of you modeling your favorite outfits, and let other members rate your look and leave you comments. Don’t worry, there is a policy of fair and objective criticism, even compliments and most of all useful style tips. The whole site relies on a great blog style tagging process, plus a great feature where you’ll be able to post favourite ‘looks’ to your network of fashion friends. You even get your own styleblog. is the UK’s first social networking and fashion website. Focusing more on High Street fashion and all the latest clothing items, plus features on the hottest celebrity styles and a chance to share fashion with your friends via some innovative social networking options. should be classed as up and coming. From my research it seems to be aimed at a younger audience. They already use some rather clever programming to help you create your own perfect outfit and also offer fashion scouts. However there are some even more promising features in the pipeline including ‘The Fashion Show’ and ‘Start a Makeover’. This is more of a hot or not direction for the field of fashion social networking, but it’s bright, bold and adventurous and I’ll take a punt it will do well in the future. is rather funky looking (though corporate owned) street style community StyleMob offering a service that is part Hot or Not, part fashion magazine and part MySpace. is one of the latest contributions to the market. Backed by the Sugar Network, this series of blogs primarily targets fashion-conscious women. The most popular is, where celebrity gossip and fashion come together in a hedonistic mix. pro-actively promote their content, encouraging their community to form around it. Blog syndication integrates the network —,, and, encouraging users to switch sites to see the latest news on each one. Ultra intelligent marketing – helping to boost the popularity of the whole network at the same time. Standard social networking features friends list, leave comments, send messages, write a blog and voting in polls.

This supplemental list offers links to more general/shopping social networks that feature some fashion content, and a few to keep an eye out for in the future: is the leading shopping search engine to find stores, brands and products, bigger than any other product finder online. is a shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with a consumer-written wiki.

Top Fashion Rules to Live By

Whether you are into casual wear or business attire, there are certain fashion rules that can help you make the best decisions and look your best no matter where you are going. Let’s get started!

1. First and foremost, you need to buy clothes that suit your body type. This can be easier said than done but the more you try on different styles the more you will begin to see what brings out your good points and what magnifies the bad. Nobody wants to look like they can’t breathe in their clothes and on the other hand they don’t want to look sloppy in overly baggy casual clothes. Find the happy medium.

2. Showing too much cleavage or wearing a dress that is a bit too short is only going to put a negative spin on the style you are trying to achieve. Be aware of what is too much and be careful not to cross that line.

3. Make sure to choose the proper undergarments for your chosen outfit. Tight fitting dress pants, skirts and dresses can reveal unwanted panty lines if you don’t plan ahead. The last thing you want people to be noticing is your panty lines instead of your great style!

4. Try to dress your age. This can be difficult in today’s society where it appears styles and clothing is focussed on the younger generations. It is very easy to stay in style and choose fashion pieces that are suitable for your age by tweaking any give style to your liking.

5. Don’t spend a lot of money on clothing if you don’t have it! There are tons of different ways to rejuvenate your current wardrobe by simply adding a few key pieces to turn your old clothes to new.

6. Try to avoid the temptation of combining too many colors and patterns this can turn a great trend into something distracting and overwhelming.

7. You don’t always have to follow the hottest and latest trends. Sometimes you are better off to wear what you like and what looks great on you than to try and duplicate what you see in magazines. Fashion is a personal taste and sometimes this can be easily forgotten when you look around and everyone is dressed the same way.

8. Don’t forget about accessories! Any old outfit in your closet can be updated using the right accessories. Whether you pair it with a great pair of lace up booties or you add an oversized necklace to accent a great neckline. Be creative!

There are very few fashion rules to live by that you don’t already know about. Fashion styles are broadcasted all over the media but the great thing about it is you get to choose what you like and what you don’t like. You are in control of your fashion style so take advantage of it and create something different out of this year’s hottest trends. Our world is built on visual impressions so make a good one.

Pal Zileri – Top Fashion Brand

Pal Zileri has been one of the most popular names in the fashion industry today. But where did this brand really start and who is behind it? Let’s find out.

Pal Zileri is a fashion house based in Vicenza, Italy. It specialized in men’s fashion, including formal and casual wear. Founded by two Italian designers Barizza and Miola in 1970, Pal Zileri is actually under the fashion house Gruppo Forall. The beginning of this fashion brand is aimed toward the aim of becoming a major player in the high-end fashion, which is what they are now. The brand takes high quality, exceptional corporate culture and production process as the cornerstone of its success.

Some of the collections include Pal Zileri Concept, which is their line of casual clothing for men for leisure; Pal Zileri Sartoriale, the brand’s premier collection of luxurious, comfortable and elegant men’s clothing tailored for perfect fit; and Abito Privato, a custom service label within the collection exclusive to loyal clients looking for tailor-made men’s wear.

Aside from having a number of stores and retail outlets all over the world, it also offers home service to some clients who needs more personalized tailoring services from any parts of the world.

The brand takes its pride for providing the best and latest in the fashion industry, which is reflected with the materials used in every product they made. Fabrics are chosen from some of Italy’s finest mills to ensure quality, satisfying the demand of the company’s high profile clients. The brand is also known for their excellent craftsmanship which shows their distinctive Italian style.

Always wanting to be true to their tag as “100% Made in Italy”, Pal Zileri has resisted the trend of shipping their production to offshore factories which offers low production cost. Unlike other fashion brands, they still rather put the premium on their products against cutting cost and degrading quality.

Top Fashion Insight Regarding

A new decade has dawned, bringing with it exciting new trends that inspire our imagination. In this same situation ten years ago, who could have predicted what would be in style today?

New styles come on the scene every few years. For this reason, concentrating mainly on the latest developments in fashion is the most practical approach.

2010 has some hot new looks, so let’s take a peek. I’d like to restrict our research to women’s shoes. I’m crazy about shoes and just love writing about them. I just love wearing them as well!

I have a big shoe collection that never stops growing. I’d like to tell you about the ones heading my list of favorites at the moment.

Christian Louboutin’s designs are all ultra chic these days. Take a look at the reptile leathers. With tons of personality and a big wow factor, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable entrance in those.

I’m also excited about the Roberto Cavalli ankle lace. It’s a fun boot in sleek black leather that boasts a fairly high heel and laces around the ankle. It’s a go-anywhere style that can be teamed up with all kinds of outfits.

A surprising new trend lately is the thigh-high boot with high heels. Although not the easiest style to wear, they compensate for this with the stunning look they create.

On a final note, the Hunter rain boot is making a welcome return to the stores. Hunter Wellies will offer a practical and trendy alternative to your usual sneakers when the weather turns wet.

Not only do these boots keep you in fashion, they’re also very easy on your feet, which puts them at the top of my list for rainy days.

Finding Top Fashion Designer Clothes For Cheap

Do you love new fashion designer and top fashion designer clothing but simply can’t afford it? If this is your situation, as it is for so many others, it is going to be important that you are aware of where you can go to get top fashion designer clothing for cheap, and there are actually quite a few terrific options available to you here.


One company that you are going to want to check out if you want to get top fashion designer clothing for a discounted price is Bluefly. You will really be astounded with what you find here. You can find beautiful designer clothing at a fraction of the regular price, so you can look just like your favorite celebs, but without spending a fortune.

They offer top fashion designer clothing at prices that you have never seen before, and so you are definitely going to want to check them out. There are actually few fashion designers that they do not offer, so it is definitely going to be worth your while to check them out either online or off and see what they have available.

Also keep in mind that this discounted top fashion designer company is always updating their fabulous selection, and so you can keep checking back all the time to see what is new and exciting.

Brown Bag

This is another great option for shoppers who want their favorite designer clothing but at a price that they can afford. Offering both men and women’s designer name clothing, Brown Bag is one of the most popular online companies for top designer name clothing.

They started their company with one aim, which was to get their consumers the latest high designer fashion at the best prices, and they have been doing it very well over their time in business. They use their years of experience to back them up and scour the fashion houses in Milan so that they can bring you each season’s look for a fraction of the retail cost.

Keep in mind that these are just two of the many different companies out there that cater to you if you are looking for designer clothing for a sale price, so definitely take some time to check out what is out there. The Internet will definitely be a terrific resource to you here if you are looking for designer name clothing at a price that won’t break your bank.

Tank Top Fashion

A “must-have” in very girl’s closet, the classic and famous tank top can be used for almost every moment in any woman’s life. It can be used by itself, go on a shopping trip with your favorite capri pants, to the movies with fashionable skinny jeans, and even to the beach with a cute skirt or trendy shorts. Also, grab your cardigan or blazer, pull over your pencil skirt, slip in your stilettos and you are pulling off the elegant and professional look without losing your fashion sense, and of course, your favorite piece of clothing: the tank top. Sex and the City made them popular by adding up a belt to the tank top and pairing it with a flowy skirt, never forgetting your clutch bag and original Manolo Blahnik’s.

The versatility of this piece is reborn this season thanks to the stylists who believed in the piece and rather than looking at it as another simple sleeveless shirt, they visualized a state of mind, a sort of mood meter, a fresh and fun fashion movement.

Its name arrives from the bathing suit worn by men at the beginning of the twentieth century, better known as “swim tank”, which is derived from “swimming tank”, how people used to call the traditional swimming pool. Even though the word was not used after defining the pool as such, the word tank was still the correct one when referring to the bathing suit.

If you think tank tops are just plain boring, think again, there are million ways to wear, accessorize, and wow everyone with your top. One of the favorite trends with spaghetti strap styled tops is to layer different colored ones on top of each other, this can be done with tank tops also; they can even have different cuts for a more original style. One important factor in tank top fashion is that the use of a bra is accepted, loose straps showing on your arm are a fashion statement, and wearing a different color bra is the ultimate.

Accessories are very important for your ensemble, bangles, charmed bracelets, and classic chains can relate to the personality you want to project with your look; a wide wooden bangle and long beaded necklace might seem perfect for your white tank top and Boho chic beige skirt with gladiator style flats. Combining black with black or white with white on an every day style can even identify you as a country club socialite in a designer look. Such a simple top, and it can do wonders, you can wear the same one every day and no one will notice if you know how to work it.

Tank tops can be embroidered with any kind of elements you wish, patches, beads, buttons, jewels, anything that can make your shirt stand out from the rest. A makeover can’t be finished without a new hair-do, go to the salon and transform yourself from head to toes, always wearing your confidence first.