Shopping at Women's Boutique – Tips

plus size boutiqueStarting up or restocking a women’s online boutique can be both an exciting and frightening task, as the items you purchase can possibly make or break your business. Purchase the right merchandise mix and the items could fly off your store shelves. Buy the wrong things and your boutique could be stuck with inventory that won’t move. In addition to merchandise, a boutique will need fixtures, software and other supporting items to help make it successful.

  • Know Your Customers

When purchasing the clothing for your boutique, keep your typical or target customer in mind. If she is a woman in her mid-30s, don’t buy merchandise geared for teenagers, no matter how cute or tempting. Keep your target customer’s price range also in mind while selecting merchandise for your boutique. Follow the lead of the successful specialty stores and try to keep your boutique’s focus on a specific age group, income level and style, rather than trying to appease all fashion tastes and price levels.

  • Fixtures

Purchasing the proper display cases, mannequins and sales racks will show off your boutique’s items to their best advantage. Look for items that will enhance your store’s image. For example, old-fashioned full mannequins may give your store a dated look, while an abstract, headless mannequin would work well in a boutique that sells cutting-edge fashions. Look for display cases, shelves and sales racks that will also echo your store’s style. Cool stylish steel display cases, for instance, would work for a trendy store, while oak shelving works better in a country chic boutique. Consider purchasing some of these items used to save money.

  • Accessories

Many boutiques sell accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves, stockings and even shoes in addition to clothing. When purchasing these types of items for your boutique, look for pieces that will complement the clothing being sold in your store. Do not be tempted by items, no matter how pretty or flashy, that will not be a good match for your clothing line either fashion-wise or price-wise. Such items will be more difficult to sell to your target audience and cost you money in the long run.

  • Miscellaneous

There are a number of other items, in addition to fashion and fixtures, that you will need to purchase for your boutique. These may include such things as blank sales tags, tagging guns, plastic fasteners, cash registers and hangers. Determine also if you will be having your staff members wear a uniform of sorts, even if it is just a t-shirt with your store’s name on it. In addition, you will need to acquire payroll and bookkeeping software to keep your business on track.

Your Woman Would Unquestionably Like Herve Leger the Feeling

Prehistoric and medieval warriors wore bracelets to protect themselves from unsuitable spirits or fate, to exhibit association to divinities, and as armors in conflict. In the Sinister Ages, they were worn to embody lineage and creed. Exactly wish anything in the world, it has it cults and styles. In the post World War II, men and women of weapons bought bangles crafted by the occupants of the locates where they struggled as remembrances and gives to people back home. The Flower Children of the 1960s wore on their arms wristbands of divergent kinds and colors in support of sex revolution and legalization of marijuana. The 80s went for punk topic. The 1990s gave rise to wristbands that were connected with rock music. The new millennium on the other hand brought in bracelets that are flat, modular, hooked in concert and snapped on the arm or wrist. Length and sizes possess varied. The most hot among them though are the cz snowflake pendants bracelets that are generally high performance silver or gold and could be unadorned or inscribed.

In picking out the best cz snowflake pendants bracelets for a woman, it is to the highest degree essential to recognize what stores or locates possess the to the highest degree varying set out of choice. Uncover yourself to multifariousness in fashions, stuffs, and ideas. After scrutinizing the samples, narrow down your options that reflect the spare time activities, work, and personality of the recipient. Do not give a woman who is functioning in the corporate world dark brown leather bracelets. Instead, go for cz snowflake pendants Herve Leger white bandage dress bracelets drawn of platinum, soft steel, or premium silver. Look At classy and standard conceptions as essential alternatives because they could be applied on any time of the day and for a immeasurable of roles. You may own some text or endearment engraved on the inner side of the bracelet like her name, symbolization of her profession or zodiac, or her gospel in life. Be sure to get the correct circuit of the proper wrist of your woman. The bracelet must not be excessively long or too short. Invariably take into mind that to the highest degree women do not wish to pass so much time in the sustainment of their adornments. The bracelets must bring her specialty and courage thus you must not elect to purchase her one that is in of thin stuffs.

A plenty of websites own devoted themselves to showcasing cz snwoflake pendants bracelets for women. Some of their sample distributions admit but are not specified to the following:

  • Sterling silver ID wristbands
  • Titanium, leather, and gold bands with engravings
  • Silver toned braided bracelets

With prices ranging from the most affordable to the high end, snowflake pendants bracelets are faultless impulsion for friendship and romance. They also make outstanding birthday and anniversary presents. Your woman would unquestionably like the feeling of coolness on her skin and fondness of the looking up to eyes of those who would see her auspices of bravery.

Types of Dresses That Make You Look Skinny

No matter what your weight, you deserve to look beautiful in dresses. Sometimes, creating a flattering look is about smoke and mirrors. Dresses should draw attention to the best part of you and cover the parts of you that you like least. Regardless of your body type and the dress you choose, make sure you choose the proper fit and wear undergarments that flatter.

Wrap Dress

Fashionistas and stylists agree that the wrap dress is universally flattering. Introduced by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, the wrap dress is usually made in a lightweight knit print. It wraps around your waist, highlighting the smallest part of your shape. It also creates an automatic V-neck. A wrap dress with an A-line skirt gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. Select a small print, which is more slimming than a large print.

Dresses With an Empire Waist

An empire waist creates a line right under the bust, an area that is usually a slim part of your torso. Drawing the eye to a small part of your body will make you look slimmer. The empire waist will also draw the eye up toward the bust. Pairing the dress with eye-catching jewelry will draw attention to your neckline, too. You can find a dress with an empire waist with an A-line skirt or a pencil skirt that skims the hips instead of flaring out.

Dresses with Ruching

Ruching is a gather of fabric. You can choose a dress that is ruched from top to bottom, or you can choose ruching for the waist. It may seem counter-intuitive to wear a dress with gathered folds of fabric, but many figures are flattered by ruching that draws the eye toward the center of the body or toward a narrow part of the body. Ruching may also have the effect of concealing figure details behind the fabric.

Sheath Dress

Although you may think that a bigger dress will hide your body, it just makes you look heavier. The sheath dress skims your body and accentuates your curves. The sheath can be paired with a long jacket to camouflage wide hips. Or pair your sheath with a wide belt to further accentuate your waistline. Don’t be afraid to choose color when buying a sheath dress. Instead of basic black, a pastel or jewel tone that flatters your complexion will put the emphasis on your face.

Style Files: Gilded Color

Think metallic only stretches the realms of gold, silver, copper and bronze? think again. This spring, metallic color is embracing all the lustrous colors of the rainbow to create a coalition of gilded color.

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These metallics are shimmery, shiny and not to mention chock full of colorful regalia that lend favor to the flashy styles of the 70’s and 80’s where flashy and flamboyancy was the norm.

Embrace gilded color this season with these on-trend favorites…

1. Lanvin Sleeveless Jacquard Dress $2,332

2. Alice + Olivia ‘Taryn’ Dress $684

3. Casadei Pink Platform Pumps $540

4. River Island Pink Metallic Shift Dress $75

5. Sophie Hulme Shorts $400

6. Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Nero’ Heels $995

7. MSGM Metallic Floral Jacquard Mini $445

8. SUNO Metallic Jacquard Dress $362

9. Topshop Metallic Sunflower Skort $84

10. Alice + Olivia ‘Foss’ Dress $440

Spotted: Neck Cuffs

Adorning necks in a procession of avant garde statements, neck cuffs infiltrated the spring runways with flashy intrigue, making it the latest trend to top the list of spring accessories.

Neck cuffs are a combination of choker meets statement necklace and perhaps the next ‘it’ statement necklace if you take any hint from the Balenciaga, Celine and Altuzarra shows.

Here are a few neck cuff styles that make for a bold statement piece this spring…

1. Balenciaga Rain drop bead embellished choker $705

2. Pamela Love Choker $575

3. River Island Black Deco Draped Choker $83

4. Topshop Multirow Beaded Collar $30

5. Acne Studios ‘Carena’ Silver Necklace $750

6. Idriss Guelai Atelier ‘Valentina’ Choker Necklace $727

7. Gemma Lister Studded Cuff $70

The Princess Vera Wang Summer Collection at Kohl’s

The official start of summer is June 21st and with it, the beginning of endless pool parties, long beach days and plenty of lemonade. To answer to the necessities of the season, Princess Vera Wang has launched the perfect collection for lovely young women. Pieces include fun shapes and patterns plus the typical feminine details of the brand.

To step into something new, try Princess’ two-piece dresses. Some come with a removable crop top, which you can use on its own. You don’t want to miss cute embellished tops in various colors, and sheer fabrics, perfect for showcasing bathing suits. You can combine the collection’s new tops with the Princess Tribal Textured skirt. Long asymmetrical dresses are also available. They will be the perfect look for the next barbeque, afternoon on a boat or your friend’s pool party. All styles are under $100.00!

As you may know, American designer Vera Wang introduced her Simply Vera Vera Wang brand at Kohl’s in 2007. Today, you can enjoy Simply Vera Vera Wang in the Women’s department, Simply Vera Wang Cosmetics in the Beauty and Fragrance section and Princess Vera Wang in the Juniors’ department. Princess Vera Wang is available exclusively at Kohl’s and

To be in tune with the latest fashions, don’t skip the Juniors’ department on your next visit to Kohl’s. Your teenager will thank you.

Lash Loft touches down in Deep Ellum to an "eye"-deally promising location

With just a bat of an eye, Lash Loft held its grand opening soiree and opened its doors to a fashionably savvy crowd at its Deep Ellum location on March 13, 2014. The trendy and posh location sits at the corner of Commerce and Main in an area that is experiencing tremendous growth and development and which promises much success and profitability for the future of the newly opened lash extension boutique.

Some of Dallas’ “best dressed” were in the building including popular fashion blogger, Cris Zaragoza of My Fashion Juice and race car driver cutie George Jackson. Guests indulged in precious caviar, champagne cocktails and chocolate covered strawberries while enjoying the plush interior of the newly designed loft.

The Lash Loft promises to be the leading location in the Deep Ellum district for eyelash extensions. From silk to synthetic extensions, the Lash Loft’s certified eyelash technicians are sure to make believers out of anyone who sets foot within its doors. Prices range anywhere from $250 and up for a full set, with touch-up pricing beginning at $25. Feeling diva-esque? Add an additional $50 to any service for a Lash Loft house call where you can get the same relaxing and expert lash experience without leaving the comfort of your own home.

With eyelash extensions being all the rage in the beauty industry right now, the Lash Loft is definitely going to make its mark in Dallas as one of the elite locations for eyelash extension services.

Blast from the past!

Hello, my fellow Fashionistas!

Today, I received an email stating that it is my 5 year anniversary writing for the Examiner – and I realized I haven’t written in almost as long. So, this “blast from the past” refers to both my return as the Orlando Fashion Scene Examiner, as well as the classic Southern fashions that are making a comeback – or did they ever really leave?

I moved back to NYC in 2013, although I plan on returning to the O later this year. New York is where I was born and raised, and where I learned to love fashion. Being back, however, has made me realize that the “Fashion Capital of the World” (well, according to some people) may have lost its title. Or, at least, it is tied with other great cities in the country – Orlando included.

Over the past few years, it has only become more and more apparent that while “trends” come and go, classic & vintage fashion remains. If anything, classic looks have become a trend in itself. I love nothing more than a great vintage find!

The beauty of Orlando and the rest of the South is, indeed, its Southern Charm. That charm includes our favorite Southern foods, music, history, and – of course – fashion. The rest of the world is wearing what we (well, you – I’m a Yankee, remember) essentially invented: florals, nautical, cowgirl, derby-inspired, denim, pastels, corals and apricots…you name it, the rest of the country (and world!) is wearing it. “Beach” and “Cruise” lines of the biggest named designers are among the most popular selling lines year after year. The South, without due recognition, has been influencing fashion since the 1800’s. It’s about time we take back what is rightfully ours! (er, yours!)

My 305 Style: The simple sexy dress

Miami is a city where women show more skin than any other place in the United States. This is due to the influence we bring from our Latin countries.

The sexy dresses are the go-to outfits for nightclubs, beaches, restaurants and shopping malls. But when exactly is the perfect time to wear them?
We cannot wear the same dress pattern to work, going out with friends, going to a wedding or any other invitation, just because we are in Miami.

I have seen many pictures on Facebook and Twitter including local celebrities, and most of them only change the color of the dress–the model remains the same, almost like a uniform.
I think variety is good taste in fashion. We should not standardize our style to a single model of dress and mistakenly thinking that it is the only way to look sexy. Well I have good news- there are plenty of varieties out there!

My advice is to use your creativity. Creating sexy outfits using palazzo pants, blouses with one shoulder out, long skirts with one leg in the air, pencil skirts, dresses ¾ long with sheer sleeves, etc…

So when the opportunity comes and you want to wear a simple sexy dress you will be the attraction of the place.
I recommend my latest acquisition: A simple dress, designed by Samy Gicherman, which has two of the most important things in a dress, sensuality and elegance.

I combined my dress with black sandals, also simple and sexy, from Steve Madden and I believe it worked best. I wore this outfit to attend a Hispanic event where there were a number of girls with sexy dresses, but this model caused a sensation … the magic of variety!

Beautiful Baubles: Layering Bracelets 101

There’s nothing we like more than a good arm party, but there is an art to curating the perfect wrist full of blinged-out bracelets. A few simple tricks will help you nail a complementary combination and prevent bracelets from toppling to the front of your hand every time you move your arm. To master the art of stacking of baubles, we asked accessory aficionado Shahrnaz Shifteh to give us a crash course in how to properly rock an arm party. Click through for Shifteh’s foolproof tips — your naked wrists will be glad you did.

Mix & Match

When layering bracelets, don’t shy away from mixing and matching a variety of colors and materials. “The trick is to make sure they’re all the same diameter so they don’t topple to the front of your hand,” advised Shifteh. “Gemstones, beads, rubber — anything goes if you keep the diameter of your bracelets consistent.” This trick also ensures that any charms are visible when the bracelets are stacked.

Similar Stack

“Layering a bunch of the same bracelets results in a more dramatic look,” said Shifteh. “To create this layered effect, you should stock up on bracelets when you find ones you like.” In this look, Shifteh piled on rhinestone bracelets and pearl bracelets in two iridescent shades, pale green and lavender. Again, the bracelets should have the same diameters to prevent unwanted toppling.

Curating Classics

For an updated take on a classic look, pair a variety of gold bangles with several of the same pearl bracelets. Gold bangles with simple details nicely complement pearl bracelets with black and gold accents. “This look works because the diameter of the bracelets are similar so they fall together nicely,” explained Shifteh.

Time to Layer Up

Incorporate a watch into a layered look by pairing it with several thick bangles of similar widths. Be sure to match your metals for a complementary combo. “Don’t be afraid to wear large pieces on one wrist — or even on both wrists,” said Shifteh. “If you have one or two bangles on one wrist, wear a watch on the other to balance it out.”

Statement Bangles

“Animal prints can be mixed and matched much more manageably when it’s done with jewelry because it’s such a small amount of print,” explained Shifteh. The key is to choose animal prints that play off your outfit’s color palette. In this look, the leopard bangle complements the red skirt while the zebra print bangle is a variation of the stripe motif.

UpSkale "Hair for a Cause" Hair Show

You are invited to “Hair for a Cause” Hair Show hosted by Platinum Hearts Events & Creations on March 23, 2014. This event will be in honor of two time breast cancer Survivor Angel Ligon and a local community member recently diagnosed with kidney failure in need of a kidney transplant, Gary Shepard. This is the 2nd show for a cause and the numbers are getting stronger. The proceeds from ticket sales and donation go directly to the recipients.
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Hair for a Cause will be featuring a few of La Grange, Georgia’s finest in the Beauty Industry, Ms. Danyelle “The Make Up Maven”, Makeup Artist, Courtland “La Mente De Shaheed”, Wig Creator and Mrs. Athena Dixon-Wheelous, Hair Stylist and Barber. They will all be showcasing their GOD-given talents in the Hair for a Cause Hair Show on March 23, 2014 at Del’Avant in LaGrange, GA. This awesome trio shares the passion on wanting to help women to find that beauty inside and let it shine out. With over 10 years experience they have been helping women all over Georgia to feel empowered. They are surly putting Georgia on the map in the Beauty Industry.

Here is a little background on our featured stylist that have volunteered their services for this awesome cause. When asked, “what drives you and why?” They answered, Danyelle: “An addict, I think I need rehab I’m so bad…lol I’ve been this way since childhood, since I was able to read and spell the words make up!!! My profession and passion for this industry chose me. But, I’m a skin care fan, so love the skin you’re in!”

Athena-“My passion is to bring the beauty outward!”

La Mente De Shaheed- “I make wigs because it is simply what I want to do. I am a fashion designer by trade. I have always had a niche for anything that was dealing with someone’s appearance (besides make-up). I didn’t choose this field, it chose me. The first wig that I ever made for someone was a deep purple and black A-symmetrical stacked bob for someone’s Halloween costume. They wanted to channel Nikki Minaj. In the meantime, my grandmother was battling cancer and she asked if I could make her a wig that wouldn’t scream, “I am wearing a wig!” That is what drove me to making lace units. Sadly she passed before I even started on one for her. I now make wigs for cancer patients, alopecia sufferers, and burn victims quite often. I do also just make wigs for commercial use (everyday people) as well!”

Thank you to all that have donated their time and skills for this great cause!

We ask that you please share this event to everyone that you know. This event was put together for people that are in need of prayers and monetary blessings.

To make donations please call 706-407-1891